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Addons CS 1.6 Furien 2013 [ Linux ]

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Addons CS 1.6 Furien 2013 [ Linux ]

Descriere: Addons furien mod 2013


• MetaMoD
• Dproto

Co-Autor: CLAU.
Testeri : CLAU. aka CSP # Verde =D

» Pluginuri

diverse.amxx ; Diverse pluginuri imbinate de mine
furienx.amxx ; Plugin de baza
furien_armor.amxx ; Plugin armura
furien_defusekit.amxx ; Defusekit
furien_nightvision.amx ; Nightvision
furien_shop.amxx ; Poti cumpara iteme
furien_parachute.amxx ; Parasuta
furien_noflash.amxx ; Nu iei flash daca cumperi itemul respectiv
furien_superknife.amxx ; Omori Ct dintr-o sg lovitura
furien_weapons.amxx ; Arme
nademodes.amxx ; Grenazi
stuck.amxx ; Daca esti blocat te deblocheaza
ColoredSmoke.amxx ; Smoke Colorat
players_models.amxx ; Poti schimba modelele la playeri
team_join.amxx ; Te baga automat T sau CT
multijump.amxx ; Poti sari de 2 ori
semiclip.amxx ; Poti trece prin coechipieri
furien_weapons.amxx ; Arme furien
bmb_plant.amxx ; Poti planta bmb doar in ultimele 30 sec
bcd_timer.amxx ; Timp pana explodeaza bmb
enemy_down.amxx ; Cand omori pe cineva se aude un sunet
rs.amxx ; resetscore
advanced_tracers.amxx ; Gloante colorate
deathtype_effects.amxx ; Efect cand mori
bullet_damage.amxx ; Iti arata cat dmg ai facut
napalm_nades.amxx ; Grenazi
cer_instelat.amxx ; Cerul este instelat
camera.amxx ; Te poti vedea in diferite pozitii prin comanda /cam









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