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Everything posted by JusT4FunN

  1. JusT4FunN

    Prezentare DeadPool

    Hi and welcome!
  2. JusT4FunN

    Cerere Admin

  3. JusT4FunN

    Cerere Upgrade angel

  4. JusT4FunN

    Cerere admin

    DENIED You have been denied by Head Admin "amir6999", due to my inactivity amir was responsible to check the players. I havent seen you myself so I will soften the time for your next application by one week, this time I will be personally watching you, so make sure to show your full potential. TOPIC CLOSED (AFTER 1 WEEK APPLY AGAIN)
  5. JusT4FunN

    Cerere Admin angel

  6. JusT4FunN

    Cerere Admin angel

  7. JusT4FunN

    request for upgrade-admi6999

    You have been promoted to "Head Admin" Max rank has been reached, the reason why you have been promoted is that you are most of the day online on server, you are talkative, you support the players and give a beautiful atmosphere to players that play on out server. Good Luck from now on. TOPIC CLOSED
  8. JusT4FunN

    (cerere up) bNk.

    ACCEPTED ( PROMOTED ) You are one of the best admins we have. You have achieved the hours needed. GOOD LUCK TOPIC CLOSED
  9. JusT4FunN

    Cerere Admin foxx =)

  10. JusT4FunN

    Cerere Admin angel

    ACCEPTED ( ON TRIAL ) You have been accepted as HELPER ADMIN for now, for one week you will be HELPER, if you prove yourself after 7 days you will get admin and your trail will end! GOOD LUCK Send me on priveate message your password for your account! ( You wont get added unless you send me your PASSWORD ) TOPIC CLOSED FOR NOW
  11. JusT4FunN

    [ZE] Competition 1 (Opened)

    Greetings! Ze.Wstrike.RO will be the host of a new awesome competition! [INTORUDCTION] : This competition will be a challenge betwen the players of the server, what players have to do is record a gameplay video, and post it on YouTube, the best video will be selected by the "Wstrike ZE Staff". This is the first competition, other competitions will follow too. The video must be longer than 8 minutes, but it should not exceed 15 minutes. The video must be a gameplay record of the ZE.WSTRIKE.RO server. Video must be posted in YouTube. *Players that want to take part in this competition: Once they have recorded the video they need to reply on this TOPIC with : Nickname : YouTube video link : Once they have done it they will automatically be part of the competition! So enough with explaining and lets jump right to the REWARDS! Once you have won you will get these REWARDS : 1) Free VIP for 60 days 2) 50000 Credits to spend on the shop 3) A "prefix" for your nickname 4) A special skin just for you
  12. This is the model that you must follow if you want to report an admin for breaking the rules! Your Nick : Admin Nick : Demo : Comments : [Note] Do not abuse this topic, otherwise punishment will be aplied! Demo can be found here : cstrike/WstrikeZE.dem *To upload the demo you can use these sites : SendSpace MediaFire
  13. This is a model that you have to follow, if you want to leave the server, and do not want to be anymore part of the staff! Nick : SteamID : Reason why you are leaving :
  14. JusT4FunN

    [ZE] Request Upgrade

    If you want to get a higher rank, you must follow the model, and apply! Nick : SteamID : Hours online on server : Actual Rank : New Rank : Why should we promote you : What can you offer to the server : [NOTE] The highest rank that someone can achieve thrugh this application is "HEAD ADMIN", other ranks can't be requested! Ranks you can achieve and the hours you need for those ranks : Head Admin ( 400 hours ) Super Admin ( 100 hours ) Admin ( 40 hours ) ( THIS IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AS HELPER ADMIN )
  15. This is the model you must follow to request for unban! Nick : SteamID : Admin who banned you : Reason why "ADMIN" banned you : Screenshoot : Demo : [Note] : Demo can be found in your cstrike folder, follow this path : cstrike/WstrikeZE.dem *To upload the demo you can use these sites : SendSpace MediaFire
  16. JusT4FunN

    Anunturi / Announcements

    Update! ( Date : 8/1/2019 ) 1) Changes regarding gameplay : Starting from now, CREDITS, will be saved by "STEAM ID" and not anymore by "NICK", so you will not be able to lose your CREDITS, unless you change your "STEAM ID", if you do that do not request back for CREDITS, because you have been warned by this post! 2) New features Now VIPs, and ADMINs, can get glow, glow will be automatically selected!
  17. JusT4FunN

    [ZE] Rules (English)

    Zombie Escape mode introduction : Zombie Escape is a mode that can be found in Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, Counter-Strike : Source, Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike 1.6. Description of the mode: As the name suggests we must get rid of the Zombies. These zombies are randomly selected at the start of each round, players will get selected just one time as a zombie. The objective that Humans have to do is kill the zombies and protect themselves from their infection. The objective of the zombies is to kill Humans and spread the infection to all the players!!! 1. Do not break the "BRIDGES, DOORS, PLANKS, WALLS" if there are players walking on them, when all the players have passed, you can break them! Punishment: Slay/Ban for 30 to 60 minutes! *You will get slayed instantly, if needed even banned! 2. Do not abuse the bugs on the maps, if you see any report to an Admin. Punishment: Ban for 30 minutes 3. Players that go first at the end of the map, are allowed to call the "escaping device (train/heli etc.)" only if the know how to hold, if they do not know they must wait for other players to be present and than call it, because there is TEAMPLAY! 4. If at the end of the map there are players and zombies that have survived the "bomb", in the same plane/train/escaping device, humans will be slayed because zombies have won! Punishment: Slay 5. Do not insult each other, do not fight, otherwise punishment will be pplied by Helper/Admin. Punishment: Gag/Kick/Ban for 60 minutes !! 6. Players that are AFK, should not be kicked by the admins, because the server provied a plugin that automatically deals with AFK, players! 8. Before changing the map, admins should see the 5 previous maps by typing !harti, and they should not change the maps to the ones that were played before! *Before cahnging the map ask players if they want to change the map! *Do not abuse the command, especially "Admins", because punishment will be aplied! 9. If a player, has any questions, regarding "How to get admin" "How to get VIP" etc. Only admins in server are responsible to help the player! 10. You are not allowed to boost ZOMBIES !!! Punishment: BYou will get banned for 30 minutes the first time, other times if you keep repeating your actions, the ban time will get higher. 11. Do not deffend too much, the maximum time to deffend is 20 seconds. Punishment: First time is "slay", second time is "kick", third time will be "ban" for 30 minutes! 12. Do not use bad words on the server, otherwise punishment will be aplied! Punishment: Gag for 5 minutes for the firsrt time, "gag" time can go up to premanent. 13. Do not "RETRY" when you are a zombie . Punishment: Slay + Warn (Can lead to ban)
  18. JusT4FunN

    Cerere DNS ..::ZE.WStrike.RO::..

  19. JusT4FunN


    DENIED Please do not apply anymore, because you are not doing it right, next time punishment will be aplied! TOPIC CLOSED
  20. JusT4FunN

    Staff Members

    Zombie Escape Server Staff : "Head Admin" amir6999 "Super Admin" sNk bNk. "Admin" foxx =) "Helper" Thx angel
  21. JusT4FunN

    Cerere DNS ..::ZE.WStrike.RO::..

    PENDING Your server is named ZE.WSTRIKE.RO, the tag "ZE" is curretnly in property of WSTRIKE.RO, so you have to change the tag ZE to anything you like. Once you have done it you will have permission to add your server, this topic will be opened until you change the tag "ZE" on your server name, new tag should look like this YourPreferedtag.Wstrike.Ro! Please reply here once you have changed the tag! @NuTzu @NuTzu @NuTzu
  22. JusT4FunN

    cerere admin-amirmohammad

    DENIED You have been added to the "BLACKLIST", which means that you can no longer apply for admin. You have been warned and next time you will be banned! TOPIC CLOSED
  23. JusT4FunN

    BOOST Rewards

    BOOST REWARDS When you boost our server, you will get these rewards : 1) You will get 10000 Credits to spend in game shop! 2) You will get VIP VIP's can get "VIP Prefix" on server! Their damage is multiplied by 1.2, so they deal more damage to other players, and can get more Credits for damage! VIP's can get double jump, and parachute. They can see in real time, how much damage has been delt to the enemy! VIP's can get a special knife skin. VIP's can get 2x frost nades, and 2x fire nades at the start of each round. They will get specail weapons, that can be claimed once every each round. They can buy special items on the shop. VIP's can get a special skin! VIPs can now use admin chat and all the chat commands! VIPs now can get glow, glow will be automatically selected!
  24. JusT4FunN

    Anunturi / Announcements

    Update! ( Date : 7/25/2019 ) 1) New features : VIP-s, Supreme Vip-s now can get a knife skin of their own!
  25. JusT4FunN

    Cerere Admin foxx =)

    ACCEPTED! I will give you a chance as HELPER ADMIN, even though you do not have 40 hours! You will be in trial for 1 week, after 1 week, you need to complete 40 hours and you can aply for ADMIN. I believe you will succeed! Send me in PM ( Private Message ) your "Password" TOPIC CLOSED